Chapter 1516 Didn't See Any Hot Dog Vendor

Isabel is trying to call Flávia, but she can't. She doesn't know that Flávia is defending Uélton at Rocha Constructions.

“No, no one answers, honey.” Isabel hangs up, “I don't think even Reuben made it home from school.”

“Is the boy alone at home yet?” Harold asks, surprised.

“Uélton said that our grandson is already a man.” Isabel smiles slightly, “As long as Reuben doesn't open the door to strangers, I'm fine.”

“Unfortunately he was isolated. Caio lives here. Alan, Caroline, Pedro, and Rosemary live Downtown, and Junior is in Victoria.”

Isabel sits on the other sofa, “This could be resolved if they left the favela and lived here in the neighborhood.”

Harold ponders for a few seconds, “Well... he's in good financial shape.”

“And that house is many years old,” Isabel remembers fondly.

“Maybe that's why Uélton insists on staying there. But... it's like you said: before, we lived in Happiness Slum because we couldn't afford to live in a better neighborhood. Now we have it, and Uélton al
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