Chapter 1517 The New Maid

Maggie is now bottle-feeding Henrique. At the same time, she teaches Veronica how to repeat the doing when Maggie is at the company. Veronica watches closely.

“Here, Veronica, just sit on the armchair and hold it like this... prepare the porridge well and Henrique will drink it all, won't you, my baby?”

Henrique just sucks, not caring about anything else.

Veronica smiles, “I hope to enjoy the same experience when I have my baby.”

“Of course, God hear you. They say you want to transform the representation of commercials into real life, is that true?”

Veronica sits on the other couch, “I'd be lying to you if I said no... Jack Motta is the ideal role model every woman wants to get pregnant.”

“Yes, he has good genetics, your children will be beautiful.” Maggie nods, “In the meantime, how are the job prospects?”

Veronica withers her smile, “I'm waiting for a call from Melissa, your future sister-in-law.”

“Looks like they've already found another model to replace you. How fast they are.” Ma
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