Chapter 1515 Don't Slap My Hubby

Isabel and Harold are at home watching the traditional fishing show.

Harold comments with a slight smile, “I miss our grandson in my lap watching these shrimp being caught.”

Isabel pats her husband's belly, “He is now studying, to be a good citizen. And I don't think he would fit in your lap, not anymore.”

“How time passes. He will be nine years old. Do you remember that Flávia almost died in childbirth?”

Isabel worries a little, “I remember. So I hope they don't risk having more children, this could have been a warning for Flávia not to get pregnant again.”

The landline rings and Isabel gets up to answer it, “Hello?”

On the other side is Daniel, “Isabel, this is Daniel Oliveira. Is the hubby around for me to call you by your last name?”

Isabel giggles, “He's not jealous, I will always love him.”

“Great, because you're already intimate with everyone here. Now is the time for us to be intimate with your daughter-in-law.”


“Isabel, we saw the recording of your daughter-in-law..
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