Chapter 1521 I Should Be a Model

At the cinema at night, Angela and Gustavo meet. They don't go to the box office to buy a ticket, but to a secluded corner to chat without being discovered or disturbed.

“Friend, what is so urgent that it needs to be said like this, on the sly?” Gustavo is curious.

“Gus, I need to tell you about what's going on.” Angela is distressed, “A crowd is growing against my marriage, saying that Josias and Melissa should get back together.”

Gustavo narrows his eyes, “But do Josias and Melissa want to come back, or is it just the crowd?”

“I'm sure Josias loves me and Melissa won't give up that handsome maître d'.” Angela smiles yellowy, “The problem is the crowd talking and honking in their ear all the time. One day one of them is convinced.”

Gustavo wiggles, “I don't believe Josias is one of those guys who go along with what people say.”

“So you think I should talk to Melissa?”

“Who exactly is raising this question?”

“Uélton Freire, my man’s best friend.” Angela scornfully responds, “That big-
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