Chapter 1530 I Won’t Be Against

William closes the office door and addresses Beto, “Who was that pretty lady?”

Beto sits in the chair, “Do you like her? You can stay with her. Her name is Teresa.”

“Can we call her ‘Tess’ or ‘Terê’?” William laughs.

“Call her what you want.” Beto turns to the computer, “Why are you asking me for permission?”

“It's because you're obviously the boss.” William sits in the visitors' seat, “Is she your son's nanny?”

“My children’s nanny, plural.” Beto smiles mischievously.

“Oh God, did you also tell her that Rosemary is your daughter?” William rolls his eyes.

“What can I do?” Beto shrugs, “I think the truth will die with us. I can't break the girl's heart. It's enough for her to realize her bitch mother isn't coming back.”

“She already knows?” William asks in amazement.

“No, but she's already ten years old, she's not stupid. Why would her mother be away from her family?”

“I wonder what she must be up to in the capital.” William scoffs.

“I don't want to imagine. My future is here with my c
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