Chapter 1529 Showdown at the Hotel

Josias and Igor are saying goodbye due to the lawyer's decision to move to Victoria.

“I’ll miss you, Igor.” Josias hugs him.

“Me too, master. But we have the older brother to still watch over you.”

“We already have fifteen years of trust and friendship, huh?” The hug is undone, “How time passes.”

Igor nods, “And you were a boy, now you are a man with four children!”

“And married a second time.” Josias sighs, “I'm glad the two ladies hit it off.”


At Rocha Hotel's restaurant, Melissa and Angela meet.

The two ladies exchange three kisses, but Melissa has the feeling that Angela is not at all warm.

“Let's sit here.” Angela chooses a table, “We'll see if the food here is as delicious as the one at Crystal Blue.”

Melissa notices her friend's detachment, “Angie, did something happen?”

“Do you want to talk about it now or would you rather ask first?”

Melissa is startled, “If the conversation is unpleasant, I'd rather talk now than lose my appetite over a roast lamb.”

Not far away, Kath
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