Chapter 1534 Don't Deny Love
Ernesto wastes no time. In Josias's private library, he is watching the stock market and its daily variations in the LCN newspaper.

The secretary opens the door and enters, “Boss, I need to talk to you.”

Josias smiles, “You talk as if that's forbidden, Ernesto. Come in, you can always count on my attention.”

Ernesto closes the door and says in a conspiratorial, sinister tone, “Please, boss, don't fire my wife. If she told me this, it's because she thinks an injustice is happening.”

“What injustice?” Josias is more interested, leaving the newspaper in his lap.

“Your wife, Boss Angela, said that Melissa, Dora, Flávia, and Isabel were cut out of the bachelor party.”

Josias hardens his face, “Call your mistress here at once.”

“Boss...” Ernesto trembles at Josias's imposing aura.

“Lilian will not be fired.” Josias guarantees using a firm and sovereign voice.

Ernesto smiles and leaves the library. Josias crosses his arms in spite. First, Melissa didn't want to go to the wedding. Now
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