Chapter 1536 Don't Leave Me!

Kelvin is now properly dressed to go out with Daryl. Shirley remains on the couch. The tears have been wiped away, but she is still melancholy. The radio playing Ricky Martin's “Te Extraño, de Te Olvido, Te Amo” doesn't make it easy for Shirley to calm down.

“Mom, won't you take the butter cookies?” Daryl asks her, “Josias is going to be hungry.”

“I don't even know if I'm going to work today,” Shirley grumbles with her arms crossed.

Kelvin approaches her, “Don't do that, Mom. By chance, did we interrupt a declaration of love on the part of Uncle Francisco?”

Shirley insists on camouflaging her feelings instead of being frank with them, “What is it, my son? Your mother wasn't thinking any of that. I think when he told me to think about the future, he was referring to our family life.”

Daryl doesn't buy the explanation, “I can hear you two talking about love.”

“Family love, not romantic love, son.” Shirley is quick to ‘correct’.

“So are you going to listen to him and make it up to Maggie
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