Chapter 1535 There's No Happy Future Without Overcoming the Past

Francisco and Shirley are embarrassed by Daryl and Kelvin's bust on them.

“Boys,” Francisco tries to get around the situation, “don’t embarrass your mother.”

“We don't want to embarrass you.” Kelvin defends himself, “We want to wish you well and shout ‘we knew it’!”

“In case, Maggie knew it,” Daryl adds.

The forbidden name makes Shirley jump off the couch, “OK, nobody mention this whore's name! If something is going on between Frank and me, it's not because of her crazy ideas!”

Daryl tilts his head to the side, “Mom, you were the one who swore to win Bernie. Of course, if you settle down with Uncle Francisco, Maggie will settle down with her husband.”

“I may not get Bernie, but she will lose him too! As soon as I open his eyes—“

Francisco suddenly stands up, “Oh no! I came here to talk about love and the future, and I'm hearing hate and the past on the other side. Excuse me, Shirley, forget what I said.”

Shirley is dumbfounded, “But you didn't tell me anything!”

“Fortunately! Take car
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