Chapter 1537 We Have to Heed the Divine Warning

Josias continues to hug Angela to see if she stops the hysteria. How can he ever leave her?

“Ready? Have you stopped despair?”

“You still haven't answered me.” Angela starts to cry, “That means you're going to leave me. I’m canceling the bachelorette party!”

Angela ends the hug and walks away to leave, but Josias holds her arm like a Hollywood heartthrob.

“Don't do anything foolish! I didn't say I'm leaving you. The very idea is ridiculous!”

“Then why so much concern about bringing your ex into our lives?” Angela frowns.

“What lives? It's just a bachelorette party, Angie! Or are you now going to be scared of Melissa? I am not afraid of Kelvin and I invited him to my bachelor party.”

Angela wiggles, “Careful, honey. The less we have contact with these two, the better.”

“I'm not jealous of Kelvin. If he's with Melissa now it's because I failed as a husband in 1991.” Josias glares at her.

Angela can't face her husband, “Lilian must have told you.”

“Don't even think about firing her, hone
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