Chapter 1543 Alternative Feast

At Crystal Blue, Gustavo tries to attack Uélton by saying that Angela had the same value as a stripper. The other gentlemen stop the savagery by holding them both.

Uélton jokes, “Why are you guys holding me? I didn't start the fight.”

“You were the one who started the joke.” Frederick reminds him of this.

“Oh, it was just a joke. I didn't know this guy cared so much.”

Gustavo lets go of Daryl, “I was with Angela for a long time when David was still a newborn. I’m a great friend of hers and I demand respect!”

Daryl gestures, “OK, let's calm down.”

Gustavo doesn't seem to have heard Daryl, “Can someone please explain to me what's going on?”

“Gustavo, I don't think we should tell you now,” Vernon says.

Uélton narrows his eyes, suspicious, “Since you're so close to Angela, you must know what's going on.”

Gustavo is surprised by the insinuation. Yes, he knows that Angela is not satisfied with Everaldo's prophecy and that she disagrees with Uélton, rooting against her and Josias.

He decides
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