Chapter 1544 Alone, Lonely, With No One

Kelvin is unhappy with Uélton declaring that Josias and Melissa will get back together.

“What are you talking about?” Kelvin strides forward, “Why are you speaking against me?”

Daryl approaches him, “Little brother, don't get carried away. Uélton is just saying what he thinks of Everaldo's prophecy.”

Uélton is exasperated, “It's not my free interpretation! Do you remember when I got sick and was helped at Café Montanha? I said that I had seen Everaldo. He confirmed to me: that Josias and Melissa will be happy together!”

“SHUT UP!” Kelvin exclaims indignantly.

Vernon is confused, “Wait, what's going on here? Will the women keep Angela waiting in vain, and we men will hope that Josias returns to Melissa?”

Gustavo is surprised by the information received, “What did you say? Will women defraud Angie? I need to talk to her!”

Uélton grabs Gustavo, “You're not going to say a word, you gossip boy! By now, the women must be somewhere else!”

“They're in my penthouse.” Kelvin firmly states, glar
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