Chapter 1547 A Difficult Decision

Katherine holds her sore cheek for a few seconds after being slapped by Angela. Afterward, she smiles as if the aggression doesn't hurt.

“Looks like someone couldn't bear to hear the truth.” She mocks her rival.

“The truth is that no one is going to stop my marriage to Josias. He chose me and not you for obvious reasons!” Angela rants, trying to convince herself of that.

Katherine smirks, “It looks like the tables are turning. You're the one acting crazy and I'm being the controlled and rational one. Is that not how you snatched Josias from me?”

“You lost him for being a promiscuous scoundrel!” Angela yells, “Josias told me he caught you coming back from the street all worn out after sleeping with other men!”

“Yes, that was my mistake, and I bitterly regret it.” Katherine admits, “Unlike you, who think the world is turning against you.”

“But isn't that what's happening?” Angela gestures, “After everyone heard that prophecy, there's nothing else to say: Josias and Melissa will get back
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