Chapter 1546 Women Have Fun, Men Get Annoyed

Angela starts having a serious panic attack when she hears from Katherine that everyone supports Melissa instead of her.

“This is absurd! What did I do to deserve so much hate and contempt? Everyone had gotten used to the idea that I was going to be the new Mrs. Rocha!”

Katherine crosses her arms, “Stop the drama, Thalía! Are you serious when you don't know what your mistake was?”

“I suppose Lady Wisdom will enlighten my thoughts!” Angela retorts ironically.

Katherine takes a deep breath, “Look, I'm not into all the details, but I know from what I saw that day at the hotel. You took Melissa to the restaurant just to fight and accuse her. If Melissa told everyone what you did, then of course everyone sided with her!”

Angela huffs like a cow, “So that's it, the gossip spread it to everyone and she played the victim!”

“Hey, honey, did you really think Melissa wasn't going to at least tell her mother? You can't humiliate people and expect them not to fight back!”

Angela walks away, “I'm g
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