Chapter 1556 Rumors and Gossip at the Police Station

At Café Montanha, Flávia is taken by surprise when Shirley asks if she knows Everaldo.

Kelvin tries to ease the embarrassment, “Flávia, don't care what my mother says. She is desperate and doesn't know what she does.”

Shirley huffs, "Kelvin, don't play with godly matters."

Flavia kindly responds, “Mrs. Mountain, unfortunately, I don't know Everaldo closely enough to give you this information. Uélton found him in the square selling hot dogs.”

Shirley looks toward the plaza, "But there's no one selling hot dogs today or last week."

Flávia shrugs her shoulders, “This only increases our perspective on Everaldo not being of this world.”

"And my daughter, as usual, doesn't believe it." Shirley rolls her eyes, "If I didn't believe in Everaldo's divine power, then she would."

Flavia smiles, “Well, my blackberry pie saved that day. Maggie even asked me for the recipe.”

"May she learn good things like cooking a pie instead of insulting her mother." Shirley opines bitterly.

Kelvin gets up, “Mom,
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