Chapter 1555 Who Holds Shirley?

Shirley tries to convince Kelvin that it's best for everyone if he breaks off his engagement with Melissa, but Kelvin is too in love with her to do that.

She takes a deep breath to answer his plea, “Son, I want to support your happiness. But with what I know about Everaldo's prophecy, I'm afraid something bad could happen to you if you insist on marriage.”

“Something bad?” Kelvin's eyes widen.

“Yes, I fear you may have an accident... or even die supernaturally.” Shirley gets goosebumps even though the coffee shop is at room temperature.

“Mom, don't spread that kind of stuff.” Kelvin frowns slightly, feeling offended, “I don't believe God will go to extremes. I'm not sinning, I love Melissa. We are not in carnal intimacy; we are sleeping in separate rooms.”

Shirley doesn't calm down, “If only we could get in touch with Everaldo...”

“The only ones who have contact with him are Josias and Uélton.” Kelvin scratches the back of his head.

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