Chapter 1567 No Competition for Jane

On Monday, Beto and Teresa are sitting face-to-face with Josias, about to explain what is happening with Vera.

“We haven't made it official yet.” Josias comments, “But starting this year, we will start building our headquarters. Let’s get out of the Vargas building.”

“It's about time!” Beto exclaims, “Congratulations, Josias.”

“Thanks, now let's get straight to the point.” Josias folds his hands on the desk and looks steadily at the couple.

“It was my fault, sir.” Teresa respectfully states, “I let Rosemary receive the postman and she discovered a letter addressed to her by Pamela. Beto had asked Pamela countless times not to get in touch, but she insisted. We even had to change the phone.”

“You guys give me the new number later.” Josias comments, “What about Vera?”

“It seems like an irony of fate.” Beto says, “Seu Moacyr and Cristina went to the capital to prevent Pamela from coming back here in an attempt to see Wallace again, but my sister managed to do that. She showed up at my da
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