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That was the woman he was to marry' he thoughts as he looked at Clara and how beautiful she was in her white elegant wedding dress. 'It should have been me standing there and not him' his heart bled as he looked at Alexander smiling like he just won the lottery. Perhaps Clara was a lottery for Alexander but she wasn't for him. She was the woman he loved, the woman he still love. This day should have been the happiest day of his life but reverse was the case, it was the saddest day of his life, watching the love of his life walk down the alter to another man-his brother. ~~ Xavier Whitlock has been treated has nothing but thrash all his life until a sudden event and a change to his life, now he his set out to cause pain to those who had treated him like thrash.

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151 chapters
Episode 1
HIS RESURGENCE CHAPTER ONEXavier Whitlock had arrived at the mansion and wondered what would have made his father to summon him so quickly but now he knows and he wished he didn't come to the mansion to hear such bullshit from his father."Pardon?" Xavier asked, assuming he had heard wrong."You heard me right, Xavier" His father, Benjamin Whitlock said and Xavier scoffed."This must be a joke right?" Xavier refused to believe what his father had said, 'No, it might be a joke' he kept on murmuring."You know me clearly well Xavier and I do not joke, not in this manner" Benjamin Whitlock replied and the sob that threatened to come out of Xavier's throat took his whole strength to control.The older man in the room reminded the younger man, who sat across from him in the opposite chair, how ruthless he had been for all the years he had known him. "But this is absurd, father!"Xavier Whitlock, the younger man among the pair, blurted out as his anger began to rise, it was so hard for h
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Episode 2
HIS RESURGENCE CHAPTER 2"How much did he pay you Clara? Just what did he give to you to make you accept his proposal" he pleaded the questions trying once more to reach out to her, he slowly made his way to where she stood. Clara turned away from him, avoiding not just his gaze this time but his questions, his pleas and him entirely."I'm sorry Xavierr, I can't continue with you anymore" she said. "But why?" he asked again extending his hands to her "I'm sorry" she said then moved away from him. "Clara…" he trailed off"Now that's enough!" Mr. Benjamin reprimanded Xavier immediately with a very stern glare. "You will not humiliate my daughter in-law and your brother's wife in my sight"Xavier was so shocked, more than he had ever been before. He was unable to do anything but watch as his life and everything he had built began to shatter right in front of him. Clara bowed to Mr Benjamin and respectively left the room, leaving both men to themselves. Xavier stared at Clara as s
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Episode 3
HIS RESURGENCECHAPTER 3Xavier heard voices and sirens and it forced him to open his eyes which he struggled to do, slowly, adjusting to the light until his eyes were fully open. His ears were ringing and his head was banging. He immediately sat upright and instantly regretted it since it was like his head was about to fall down from his neck. "Oww" He winched in pain as every part of his body hurt and his head ached more,he could feel the metallic taste of iron from the cut on his lips and he knew it was blood."Are you okay sir?" A female nurse ran into the room to him when she heard his voice and helped him sit up as he struggled."What happened? I am fine, I am fine, don't touch me" He managed to reply to her. She managed to get him to sit up while he looked around like he was I'm a dazed state.He kept wondering why he was in a hospital of all places and why he was in so much pain.Memories flashed in his eyes and He recognized the scenes that he saw to be that of his favorite
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Episode 4
HIS RESURGENCEChapter 4 Those words were not ordinary words to Xavier, he was tempted to leave but he knew he owned nothing to his name and if he dared to leave, his father would definitely make sure that he would bear the consequences.“What do you want?” Xavier finally asked. He turned towards his father, staring at him almost in tears. He has done his best, he has done everything just to please him and now he is exhausted.All he had wanted was to be loved like a son, to be treated like he meant something to them but Alas! Who was he kidding?! He can never measure up to the golden boy; his step brother, Alexander Whitlock.“Go back inside your room and ponder about your life, I want you to think hard and think of the effect of last night and how it has affected us” his father said.“Exactly what I intend to do but I intend to do that outside, I would be back soon” Xavier replied. Left for him he would have left the house but he couldn’t, not yet, until he finds a means of living
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Episode 5
HIS RESURGENCEChapter 5It was already a week after Xavier had returned back to the mansion and had accepted his fathers decision. A week which means it was the day Alex and Clara were getting married.Alexander his brother stood on the altar with the priest dressed in the most regal and expensive suit and smiling waiting for Clara; his soon to be wife to join him for their vows.Clara walked in, beautifully dressed In white with a charming smile on her face with her father alongside her as they approached the altar. The crowd were awestruck at the beautiful wedding scenery and kept clapping and cheering at how beautiful and handsome the couples looked.He had come to terms with his father’s decision, but still watching it did not make it any easier for him, his heart was bleeding as he watched them.'That was the woman he was to marry ' he thought as he looked at Clara and how beautiful she was in that white elegant dress.'It should have been me standing there and not him' his hea
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Episode 6
HIS RESURGENCEChapter 6Xavier was angry as he moved away from his father and the Smith family.His father hadn’t only ruined his life but had also made a marriage arrangement for him without his consent. He clenched his fists as he kept on walking.He bumped into someone without noticing as he was walking blindly, deep in thoughts."I'm sorry”He said without taking note of whom he bumped into, all he was centered on was leaving the premises.He snatched a drink from the tray carried by one of the waiters passing by, he gulped down its contents and then dropped the glass back on the tray. Xavier didn't care what people were saying about him anymore, he just wanted to leave. He could still hear their snickers and murmurs but those were the least of his problems at the moment.He undid his tie and unbuttoned his suit as if to release the tension and anger he was feeling.Why should he care about how he looked when it's not his wedding besides no one would notice him anyways aside fr
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Episode 7
HIS RESURGENCEChapter 7 Xavier arrived home looking tired and really out of it. He did not understand how he was the prime suspect when there were thousands of people who might have set the building on fire.He wasn’t surprised to see his father waiting for him when he arrived, perhaps his father was waiting for his arrival in order to rain insults on him.Xavier greeted his father and was about heading to his room when his father stopped him."Xavier, did you do it?" Mr. Benjamin asked with a low serious voice Xavier was literally surprised and disappointed at the question but then what was he expecting? That his father would believe he didn’t do it? What a hope!. They saw him as nothing more than the black sheep of the family."What do you think?" Xavier asked as he stared at the man who is more of a sperm donor than a father to him. "Did you do it Xavier?" Mr Benjamin asked again, this time with a harder tone and Xavier could hear the hinge of anger in his tone."No, I didn’t,
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Episode 8
HIS RESURGENCE CHAPTER 8Xavier woke up to the beeping of the ECG. He slowly opened his eyes and tried to make sense of the unfamiliar environment he was in. He looked at his hands and saw that a drip had been connected to his veins.“Ughh. I’ve been winding up in hospitals lately .“ he thought to himself. But this time around, he felt like shit. His head pounded as though he had been hit by a truck. And then the memory came flooding in.He remembered running into David and getting an envelop from him. He remembered opening the envelop and being run over by a car.“What the hell. Here I was thinking my life couldn’t get any worse”The door opened and a nurse walked in.“You’re awake” the nurse stated, a hint of relief in her voice.“ how long have I been here?” He asked impatiently “ it’s been three days sir. You’ve been unconscious for three days . You were hit by a car and you fell pretty hard . The impact was quite severe but you recovered quickly .“Xavier stopped listening whe
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Episode 9
HIS RESURGENCE CHAPTER 9Xavier woke up with a splitting headache. His head was throbbing violently and he suppressed the urge to throw up. That feeling was very familiar to him now as he had gone to bed drunk on many occasions. He opened his eyes and was greeted with a blinding light streaking inside the room from the window panes. He winced and sat up. That’s when he realized he was in a strange place.“Hmm. At least it’s not a hospital this time.” he thought and chuckled at his sad joke.“You’re awake”. He heard a voice sayHe turned around startled and saw a vaguely familiar face staring back at him.“Here’s some water. There’s coffee too if you’d prefer that”. The man said.“Water will do,thank you”. He replied and collected the cup from him.“Oh,you do have some manners after all” Alfredo replied with a slight chuckle.That’s when he remembered how they had met. He remembered screaming and venting at him at the pub the previous night and how he had cried. He remembered the old
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Episode 10
HIS RESURGENCE CHAPTER 10It has been a week since Xavier’s meeting with Lisa. The day he dreaded was not so far away anymore. He did not want to marry Lisa. He knew he would never be happy if he did. On one hand, he was trying to deal with his own family treating him like a piece of trash. Lisa’s family wasn’t any different. Mr Smith already made it clear what he thought about him during his last visit and even at his brother’s wedding reception. To them he was just a worthless kid whose only good quality was having the Whitlock name. He was nothing more than an inconvenience they had to put up with for the sake of the sake of their business.Xavier’s mind wandered as he dressed up for a meeting with a potential client. He planned to stop by the bar after his meeting. He had been meeting up with Don Alfredo quite frequently and they had formed a bond. Mr Hernandez treated him like a father more than his own father had treated him his whole life. Mr Hernandez was smart and had a lo
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