Chapter 1656 She Didn't Have Fun

Hours later, the party was over, and all the guests left. Ernesto, Lilian, and other servants took care of the cleaning. Katherine took the opportunity to grab leftovers from the buffet.

“No, I won’t throw away this delicious food!” She told Lilian as she took what was left of the cake.

“You are the one who decides.” Lilian shrugs, “The party was wonderful. And if I may, ma'am, this is the first time I've seen Josias be so clear and open about his feelings.”

Katherine agrees, nodding silently. Josias was never one to say every day that he loved Katherine, but today he did in front of all his family and friends.

Josias put J.J. to sleep, “Good night, sonny.”

“Good night, daddy!”

Josias kisses his son's forehead. For a moment, he remembered Alan, but now the firstborn is eleven years old and sleeping alone.


However, Melissa is putting her son to sleep all the same.

“Mother, do you still love my father?”

Melissa feels punched by the firstborn's sudden question.

“Son, don't offend
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