Chapter 1568 Farewell, Igor

Cristina, Moacyr, Diane, Adolfo, Vânia, and Benjamin are the next ones to enter Igor's farewell party. The Teixeira family felt that this could be their farewell party too.

The radio was now playing “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan and the children were dancing in a corner of the room.

Elza and Vernon were sitting on the sofa and enjoying their grandchildren's improvised steps.

“They're cute, aren't they?” Vernon asks with a piece of the pie in his hand.

“Yes, they will be the future of the nation.” Elza comments, “Ah, the Teixeira family has arrived.”

“Honey, I want to take advantage of the fact that you mentioned Melissa's uncles to talk about Josias.” Vernon finishes eating the piece of pie so he doesn't get distracted.

Elza turns and faces her husband, “Yes?”

“He's mentally debating whether or not to marry Angela.” Vernon announces to her, “I told him categorically to discard that home wrecker.”

Elza smiles slightly, “I agree too, but Josias always thinks of David.”

“If th
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