Chapter 1567 What Should I Do?

At Tiago's house, the party continues with the Freire family arriving. Igor receives Uélton, Flávia and Reuben.

“Whoa, we have cake!” Reuben exclaims.

“Son!” Flavia is embarrassed.

Igor laughs, “Children's things, Flávia. I was agitated like that too. Come on, Reuben, there's chicken pie.”

Flavia decides to accompany Reuben before he knocks over the table or something.

Uélton shakes Igor's hand, “We're leaving too, buddy. We'll move to Green Park and be close to the old folks. My father can't wait to be close to his grandson.”

“What about Wallace?” Igor asks respectfully.

Uélton undoes some of the enthusiasm, “We still haven't talked deeply about my rehabilitated brother. For now, he will certainly live with my parents.”

“You don't look very pleased to me.” Igor watches with the precision of a shrink.

“I just want to know where this is all going.” Uélton forges a smile.

The living room radio is playing “Can I Touch You... There?” by Michael Bolton. Josias is now talking to Vernon.

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