Chapter 1569 Would William be able to?

Melissa and Kelvin's wedding day arrived.

Angela is increasingly furious and stressed with the date that has arrived. In her paranoid mind, Josias will scream 'I object' in the 'Forever hold your peace' part and will snatch the bride from the altar, leaving Kelvin shattered.

That's why she's trying to be as unpleasant as possible to discourage Josias. When they eat breakfast, she neighs, “What are we doing this Saturday, my love?”

Josias sets the newspaper on the table and looks at the fiancée in bewilderment, “What did you say? We're going to Melissa and Kelvin's wedding.”

“No, we will not.” Angela informs as she cuts the bacon, “I want to have a family day with you and David.”

“What about J.J?” Josias points to the excluded son, who eats his cereal undisturbed.

Angela drops the silverware noisily, “Darling, it's no use insisting. We’re not going to the wedding, period.”

“I don't know about you, but I won't run away like a coward.” Josias takes a sip of his coffee and gives her a fir
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