Chapter 1571 I Wasn't in the Mood to Go

Josias and Uélton arrive at William's house. The radio is at such a high volume that visitors' eardrums burn.

But the gentlemen persist and go inside the house. The entrance door was open.

Inside, William is like a possessed man dancing to “It's a Beautiful Life”, a song from Ace of Base. William trips over the coffee table, but he doesn't mind his sore toes.

Josias locates the stereo and turns it off, then thunders, “WILL! What do you think you are doing?”

Uélton laughs, “I wish I had recorded this ridiculous dance! Are you training for a contest?”

William is outraged at the intrusion of visitors, “No, I'm practicing your funeral dance!”

Uélton stops laughing and in two steps he grabs the collar of William's shirt, “Repeat if you're a man!”

Josias puts his right hand on his glabella, “Uélton, let go of my ex-brother-in-law.”

Uélton releases William carelessly and he falls to the ground.

“What do you want besides attacking me?” William neighs.

“Will, we've been informed that Daryl Mou
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