Chapter 1572 Permission from Everaldo

Elza is afraid to pass the call on to Melissa.

“Seu Everaldo, this is Josias Rocha's mother. You prophesied a wonderful future for my son, and I am eternally grateful. But when you say that my boy will cause Kelvin Mountain's displeasure... I like Melissa and would like her to remain my daughter-in-law, but she is determined to marry the other young man.”

Everaldo listens patiently and then responds, “I understand perfectly, Mrs. Queiroz. However, I have known your son since 1980, and I guarantee you that he won’t be as happy with another woman as he was with Melissa Campos. When I said that the two of them would be happy at the end of 1994, I thought it was clear that this did not include the intruders.”

Elza pales, “And what will happen if Kelvin marries Melissa? Will he die? Will God punish him?”

Maggie accidentally comes up from behind and overhears the conversation. She becomes apprehensive and covers her mouth with both hands.

Everaldo chuckles, “Mrs. Queiroz, you should know th
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