Chapter 1570 William Was Barred

At Shirley's apartment, she is ironing the white shirt for her darling son to wear to the wedding. Kelvin appears in her room, wearing black pants and no shirt, waiting for the garment to be ironed.

“Is it over, Mom?” He takes a bottle of perfume from her dressing table and sprays some on his chest.

“Almost, son. It has to be perfect, I don't want my son in wrinkled clothes.” Shirley responds proudly.

Daryl approaches them, “Have you stopped fearing tragedy?”

Shirley breaks her smile, “You guys better see if that William Campos is coming.”

Shirley finishes ironing and turns off the iron. Kelvin approaches the ironing board and picks up his shirt to put it on.

“I sincerely hope not.” Kelvin answers with a frown, “What do you have in mind, Mom?”

“I'm afraid he'll show up with a revolver to shoot you,” Shirley responds in a shaky voice.

Kelvin, however, giggles as he buttons his shirt, “That's not going to happen, Mom. God won’t allow that.”

Daryl, frowning and worried about his younger
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