Chapter 1573 Melissa and Kelvin Get Married (1)

At the same Church in Green Park, all the guests are crowding in for the big day.

Diane is not sure if the location of the ceremony would not evoke bad memories in Cristina and Moacyr, especially when Tiago drove by in the exact place where the accident took place.

But Cristina and Moacyr were not disturbed. Both have wide smiles on their faces. Everyone loves Melissa and wishes the best for her.

Josias parks his car and notices that Melissa has already arrived. She is probably waiting in some Church compartment. Francisco is standing next to the car talking to a volunteer gardener.

“Mr. Mountain.” Josias greets him, “I believe Melissa is ready.”

“Yes, and very happy.” Francisco smiles, “She got a call from that Everaldo saying that no one will be cursed.”

Josias smiles, “That's good. I wanted to know this personally. Now it's up to me to be happy.”

Only then does Francisco notice the absence of the “future” Mrs. Rocha, “Where is your bride?”

“She didn't want to come,” Josias responds
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