Chapter 1574 Melissa and Kelvin Get Married (2)

All guests are present at Green Park Church. Shirley addresses Francisco but stops for a few seconds to admire her brother-in-law's elegant look. Francisco is wearing a gray vest under his tuxedo and has a small artificial flower in his pocket.

Francisco also scrutinizes his sister-in-law and admires the brown, ankle-length, slightly belted dress. Shirley was wearing makeup in a style that made her look younger.

“Did you consult makeup tips from your daughter’s magazine?” Francisco asks gallantly.

“No way, it was your daughter who helped me.” Shirley comments without losing her temper, “If I were up to Maggie, I'd come here in rags.”

“Well, let's think about Kelvin and Melissa's happiness today.” Francisco looks at the altar and observes the groom.

“Frank, you can go up to the altar now, it's time.” Shirley points to the altar and walks away.

She catches up to Simeon and Dora, “Mr. Campos, you can fetch your daughter.”

Dora comments, “Shirley, you can call us by our first names. I tho
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