Chapter 1583 Melissa Must Stay Focused

After Beto leaves, Josias picks up the phone and dials the Rocha Hotel, to his mother's extension.

On the other side, Jane answers the phone while Elza is checking some documents, “Rocha Hotel, Mrs. Queiroz’s office, good morning?”

“Good morning, Jane. This is Josias Rocha. Can I speak to my mother?”

“One moment, sir.” She passes the mouthpiece to Elza, “It's your son, ma'am.”

Elza smiles motherly and picks up the mouthpiece, “Hello, my dear son!”

“Mom, don't embarrass me in front of Jane. What will she think?” Josias speaks jocularly.

Elza also laughs, “She will think my son is lucky to have a mother who loves him so much. How can I help you?”

“I'm considering moving Katherine to the secretary position here at the company.” Josias informs her, “Would she accept?”

“Would she accept? But I’m sure she will, son!” Elza vibrates, “Especially when it comes to an opportunity to get closer to you.”

Josias continues to smile slyly, “Really? I hadn't thought of that...”

“Don’t come with that,
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