Chapter 1584 When Do I Start?

But it was too late. Amoreira already knew from the fingerprints left on the steering wheel and William had also been duly informed.

The mocking face of the two made Gustavo uncomfortable, “Are you thinking of arresting me?”

“Should we arrest you?” Amoreira repeats the question to mock Gustavo and make him more scared, “We happen to find Mr. Fields in the General Hospital parking lot. And you just admitted you were trying to stop a nosebleed.”

“If I got in that car, there would be blood on the passenger seat!” Gustavo responds furiously. The survival instinct is in full swing inside him.

But Amoreira sits down and lights a cigar, “You mean... if you were going to be in the passenger seat, then someone else drove for you?”

Gustavo couldn't take it anymore. Panicked, he claps his hands on Amoreira's desk and leans over him, “OK, no more investigating or interrogating me. I assume the bullshit! It was me!”

William was about to protest, but Amoreira gives him a stern look, ordering him to
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