Chapter 1585 Justice Never Fails

The next day, Josias is communicating the decision about Katherine to his children and employees.

“Guys, Katherine is going to work as a secretary at the company. So do not be surprised by her presence.”

Lilian shrugs, “I hardly ever go to the company, so it's fine with me.”

“Mom is a secretary.” J.J smiles.

“Let's have breakfast.” Josias takes J.J on his lap and everyone heads to the dining room.

There, Lilian starts bringing out the platters containing delicious and nutritious options. David chooses peach pieces.

“Dad, won't my mom come back?” He asks respectfully.

Lilian gulps, "Eat your breakfast, David."

“Your mother is not coming back, David.” Josias responds cautiously, “Do you miss her?”

“If she stays with that friend, I want to stay here.” David lowers his head and pouts.

Josias pats him on the head, “It's okay, son, we're going to be together.”

Ernesto is standing in a corner of the dining room, watching the familiar scene.


When Ernesto is at Rocha Constructions, he i
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