Chapter 1586 Employment to Take Revenge

Melissa is talking to Daniel in his office like she's never been on her honeymoon. Daniel narrows his eyes and wonders how she does it.

“Therefore, Mr. Oliveira, according to the readers' letters, I think we can adjust the storyline of 'Daniele'...” She realizes that she is being stared at, “Is there something wrong with my face?”

“No, pardon!” Daniel straightens, “I just wanted to know how you manage to be so dedicated.” He looks at his computer, “You managed to send me the missing episodes during the honeymoon.”

“I took advantage of a computer the hotel had available.” Melissa smiles.

Daniel removes the floppy from his computer and returns it to Melissa, “Very good. I hope the trip and the wedding were fun.”

“Oh, I sure had a lot of fun.” Melissa smiles dreamily.

Finally, she is sleeping in the same bed as Kelvin without offending Alan and Caroline.

After that, she gets up and goes to the recording studios.

Veronica and her fellow actors are sitting on the sofa in the scenographic l
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