Chapter 1591 The House of Happiness Slum

The answer is no. Vernon and Maggie didn't drop a footnote in either the LCN paper or the Maggiezine about Wallace Freire's return to Lagoon City.

Vernon is explaining to Elza in her office at Rocha Hotel, “Honey, we know that bitch Pamela is going to read my column and find out that poor young man will come back here. It's a matter of seconds before she shows up here with the biggest gall, pretending she didn't know anything.”

Elza feels her blood boiling, “I can't believe it. Will this so-and-so ever leave us alone?”

Jane appears, “Madam, Mrs. Barbosa wishes to address you.”

Elza understands that this is Cristina and nods, “Let her in, Jane. Thanks.”

Jane gestures and makes room for Cristina to pass, “Good morning, everyone. Ah, Vernon, I thought I would find you here.”

Vernon smiles, “And I'll tell you right now: no, I didn't publish anything in the paper about Wallace Freire. I managed to convince all my colleagues to keep silent.”

“Do you think the news might leak in another news
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