Chapter 1590 Will We Be Friends?

Josias and Wallace return in the first one's car to Lagoon City. Wallace's sights strange the landscape. Nine years without seeing the outside was too much for him.

“Different landscape?” Josias asks casually.

“Yeah, man, a lot has changed,” Wallace responds in a low tone.

“Wait until we get to town.” Josias smiles slightly, “New neighborhoods have appeared and old ones have undergone a renovation. Even Happiness Slum is not as unpleasant as it is in our time.”

Josias reaches for the radio and turns it on. Wet Wet Wet's song “Goodnight Girl” was good for Wallace's spirits.

He was back in the world of the living.

“Josias, how are we now?” Wallace tried to return to his old intonation and constantly cleared his throat.

“I didn’t understand the question.” Josias raises one eyebrow.

“Are we going to be friends this time?” Wallace fears being more explicit.

But Josias got what he was getting at, “Wallace, you know Melissa is married to another guy.”

“And I'll never understand why you let a
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