Chapter 1592 Each One Carries His Load

Alan is wearing his school uniform. He answers the door for someone else when the doorbell rings.

“Who is it?”

“It's Josias, son!”

“Daddy!” Alan opens the door quickly, “How nice to see you here. Do you want to talk to my mother? She's in the office with Uncle Will and Kelvin.”

Josias frowns, but strokes his son's hair, “And do you know why?”

“I don't know.” Alan mimics his father's frown, “Mom and Kelvin were dating when Uncle Will just came over. Even the radio was turned off.”

Josias and Alan enter the living room. The former penthouse owner turns on the radio and Tina Arena's song “Chains” reminds Josias of Wallace.

With that, Josias has a mental snap. He's come to talk to Melissa about Wallace, but has William gotten ahead of himself and is running the conversation hysterically and irrationally?

“Who will take you to school, son?”

“Kelvin took care of that, but he's still in there.”

“Call your little sister while I go see what's going on.” Josias goes to his former office.

When h
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