Chapter 1597 The Secret Involving Maggie

Hours later, Harold and Wallace are waiting for their test results at the General Hospital.

“Wallace, are you okay with your mother calling you by the forbidden nickname?” Harold takes a risk while they are helping themselves to coffee in the lounge.

“Who said calling me Wally was forbidden?” Wallace chuckles.

“Uélton.” Harold takes a sip, “He said we can't remind you of the bitches who called you that name.”

“That's true, but I don't want to be a coward.” Wallace helps himself too, “I need to remember the past from time to time so I don't repeat the mistakes in my future.”

“That's nice.” Harold smiles, “So if all goes well, will you take the job Josias offers?”

“Looks like we’ll have spots on Uélton’s team, right?” Wallace takes a sip, “Melissa's uncle is moving to Victoria, and Seu Simeon is approaching retirement age. Yes, I think I will.”

Harold nods, but he doesn't want to say that Josias will probably put Wallace on another team, not the same one as Uélton, so there's no Indian
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