Chapter 1598 Life back on track

Flávia meets Isabel in the corridors of LCN. She has a victorious smile and her mother-in-law already understands what this is about.

“No need to tell me: you got the house!”

“I got it, Izzy!” Flavia exclaims exultantly, “We're going to live in Green Park!”

The two ladies hug each other, excited.

After the hug, Isabel sighs, “Now I just need to hear about my son. If he doesn't have any disease contracted from prison, Uélton will have one less reason to show prejudice.”

Flavia loses some of the joy, “Izzy, I've been trying hard to instill common sense in his head. What else should I do?”

“We must bend the knee and pray to the Lord, may Uélton become reasonable.” Isabel raises her hands to heaven as if she was a prophetess, “And let the harlots not return to the city.”

“From what I've heard from Vera Reis, she will die of STDs before she can even think about coming back,” Flavia responds contemptuously.

“Continuing the matter, Josias offered Wally a job. With your dad moving, there's on
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