Aiden's Heroic Comeback

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Aiden's Heroic Comeback

By: Author Snowfall OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Aiden Cox wasn't only betrayed by his girlfriend, but he was bullied and faced traumatic experiences from friends. Life was really unfair to him, his fate seems to have been wrongly chosen. Well until a twist comes. He inherits wealth from a distant relative, someone he barely knew. His girlfriend and all those who hurt him will come crawling at his feet. But will they meet vengeance or forgiveness? Only the story of the time Aiden's Heroic Comeback would explain this

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29 chapters
Chapter 1
Aiden took one more glance at the man who sat in the backseat through the rearview mirror of his car. He seemed wealthy, like one who owned a Fintech or biotech company. He had a three-piece crisply ironed suit on, and Aiden thought that a review from him would help.He needed every single cash he could get to pay his rent and university tuition. A five-star rating could give him extra bucks, and he was determined to get it from all his customers."I would love it if you could drop a five-star rating for me sir," Aiden said with an enthusiastic smile as his eyes went from the rearview mirror to the road before him. Jason, who all along stuck to going through his phone, finally took a glance at the rearview mirror locking eyes with Aiden projecting a dead stare, but then he looked away without a word. Aiden was disappointed, but he was not discouraged. "It's easy. Log in to the app and then click on the five-star rating." Aiden implored with a persistent tone. "And what does a fiv
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Chapter 2
"What am I doing here, or why are you following me? Is this what our relationship is about? So now you don't trust me, but you choose to stalk me." Alice fired back trying to sound innocent without seeming embarrassed."What the hell are you talking about? I'm here for a client and now I find you in the same place on this…" he pointed at the towel."Why I'm here, and what I came here for is none of your business Aiden, if you truly value what we have, then you wouldn't stalk me."Aiden was dumbstruck, he wasn't a toddler who could be fooled, seeing Alice in a towel in another man's house meant nothing more than she cheated on him. His heart melted."Why did you come here Aiden? Why are you stalking me?" Alice fired again."He did not follow you here babe," Jason chuckled aloud from behind, walking towards the door. "I sent him here on purpose to see how I can have my way with his so-called girlfriend," he continued, the smirk never leaving his face. "So, how does it feel to drive a m
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Chapter 3
It took Aiden a few minutes to stare at the untraceable alert of a hundred million dollars. He kept trying hard to connect the dots as to who must have sent the money.However, he knew no one who could give him such a huge amount of money. He had not done any job as well to require such a humongous remuneration.Then all of a sudden, while he was still wallowing in his myriad of thoughts, he heard his phone chime, bringing him out of his reverie.A glance at the screen, it did turn out to be an unknown number. He was a bit hesitant to pick, but he later concluded that it might probably answer the questions he had at the moment. He finally slid the answer button and pressed the phone to his ear."Am I on to Aiden Cox?" The masculine voice from the other end stated."This … Is he speaking? May I know you?" Aiden raised a brow confused, trying hard not to stutter."You can call me Brandy. I believed you received the money, and I am also obliged to tell you, Mr Cox, that you've inherited
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Chapter 4
"Please help me out here," he pleaded, looking past her rudeness. "I have an appointment with the general manager in a few minutes," he added. The woman shifted from him before she turned to look at him disdainfully from his head to his toe before she spoke to him. "Did you even have a bath this morning?" She asked, her nose scrunched in disgust, leaving him confused. "You stink!" She spat without waiting for him to say anything. "You do not look like you should be in here in the first place, and I blame the security men for letting such a haggard looking and obviously homeless riffraff into this building," she said."I am not lying. He requested to see me," he said. She let out a scornful laughter. "If there is anyone who is more aware of the rules here, it is our boss, so if he did not issue you a pass card," she waved hers in front of his face. "Then that means that you are not supposed to be here.""He called me, I promise you. I am not lying," he was persistent. "Then why do
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Chapter 5
Aiden nodded immediately. "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry sir," he said at the sudden recognition, taking the secretary by surprise. "My apologies, Mr Cox. If I knew that you were around, I would have come downstairs myself. Please come in sir," he said as he let Aiden in. Aiden looked at the secretary and smirked before he got in. “W..wait, sir. He..” She wanted to say something but finally swallowed it.Brandy was such a tough boss, but here he was apologizing to a man who was in a mere T-shirt. “I’m…I'm sorry, as well.” Her face was pale.“Could you leave us now?” He shrugged. It’s interesting to see people change their face in the blink of an eye.He turned to Brandy. "Please what happened to your phone Mr Brandy? Why couldn’t I reach you?”“Oh, boss, please, call me Brandy. For you, it's simply Brandy. And for my phone, It’s h…ere.” He quickly searched for it, bringing it out totally dead.Aiden sighed slightly. He knew he had an appointment today, shy would he allow his pho
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Chapter 6
“Are you kidding me?!”Aiden was stunned at the stipulation that his relative, President Maxwell had arranged for him. He had heard of arranged marriages and how it was peculiar to the wealthy in the society. However, he never thought that it would apply to him at all in his life."President Maxwell is dead, and I should be allowed to choose whom I want to get married to, even if that's the clause to the inheritance." married to her?" Aiden looked pointedly from Dakota to Brandy."That is the instruction in the will," Dakota stated curtly. Aiden stood up from where he sat and paced about the office.All his life, he had struggled for everything that he wanted. At this time, when he had the opportunity to bask in the abundance of wealth he did not have to struggle for, there was a condition attached. He could not help but believe that life had been unfair to him in so many ways. "Why do I have to marry this girl in particular?" He asked them. Brandy looked at Dakota as though he
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Chapter 7
Aiden chuckled wryly as he did not think that the plan was going to work. "You think that's really going to work? You think she would come down from her high horse to be with a pauper?" "That is why this stipulation was made. It is to test her to know if she would eventually love you for who you are and not because of the money." Fraustatedly, Aiden bowed his head. He couldn't see any other way to impress a lady other than the use of money.Alice's relationship with him and her betrayal had made him think that way."Don't worry about that part because all the necessary arrangements have been made, and she will marry you regardless," Dakota reassured. "If you say so, then I have no option but to agree with you," Aiden finally caved in. After the final agreements and signing of documents, Brandy took out an envelope and handed it over to Aiden. He looked at Brandy suspiciously as he took it and opened it up. He had received enough surprise for a lifetime in the last twenty-four ho
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Chapter 8
The receptionist froze at the sudden recognition and broke into a smile before she turned around.None of them knew when Brandy had stepped out of the elevator as they were all busy with their argument."I'm sorry for letting this lunatic into the building sir, and I promise to call the police on him immediately,""How dare you call the president of the Cox consortium, and the chairman of this company a lunatic?!" Brandy raised his eyebrow.“P..president?”The tables had turned so quickly and she did not expect this sort of revelation.She looked at Aiden who had the most ridiculous look on his face."I'm sorry sir, and I promise that it is not going to happen again," Brandy apologized again."Now you," he said firmly now, turning to the receptionist. "I want you to clear your desk immediately because you are immediately suspended indefinitely," he scolded."Mr Brandy, there would be no need for that," Aiden interjected quickly. "Let's assume that she was just doing her job, but witho
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Chapter 9
“Wow, you should have brought that earlier, sir," the rude bank teller said as he walked up to Aiden with a sudden smile. He tossed the silver card back to Micheal as he moved without looking back."Are you saying that you will regard me only because I have a diamond bank card?" Aiden asked, after he was approached by the teller."Of course not," he replied, his voice climbing to an octave. "Sir, I will make your transaction swift and fast, please let me have your card.""So you do have a way of treating top clients, especially in the queue, right?""That's the rules sir. Our top customers are a priority," the bank teller wanted to put up a defense. "They have a special room where they are attended to, but if they choose to be in the queue, they must be treated like other customers," Aiden stated. The bank teller was surprised that he knew so much about the bank rules, and he was embarrassed to the core. Aiden then turned to the female bank teller who had been polite to him and s
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Chapter 10
"How much are we talking about here?" Aiden asked after a deep thought. He could not imagine Lena being assaulted because of money that he hoped he could pay. "I don't think you can pay," the lead thug growled. "How much?" Aiden asked more firmly this time. "Five hundred thousand dollars," he finally replied. Aiden was very surprised at the amount of money. It was not because he could not pay the amount. It was because he wondered what Lena used such an amount of money to do. They both lived in the same house and their rent was not up to that amount. It was probably her lifestyle. "I will give you the money," he blurted out. Lena looked up at him, the shock in her eyes was obvious. "What did you say?" Another thug asked him. He was the one who was ready to have his way with Lena first. It looked like he was more concerned about that than getting his money. Lena could only wonder where he intended to get such an amount of money to pay such a ridiculous debt. "I said I will give
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