Chapter 1607 Jokes About Death

Angela turns off the radio forcefully, very upset with Josias announcing that David wants to see her without Gustavo around.

She folds her arms and grimaces in disgust, “You didn't have to denigrate Gus's image for our son.”

“You don't understand what's on our son's mind.” Josias replies icily, “He saw you taking your boyfriend to my mansion. David thinks he is to blame for our breakup.”

“But that's not true!” Angela is amazed, “Gus and I are not dating! Josias, you must tell our son the truth!”

Gustavo returns to the living room, “Mr. Rocha, you can rest assured that I have no interest in getting close to your son. I just want my best friend to have her rights as a mother.”

Josias looks at Gustavo as if he were an insect, “Angela will have her socializing life with David under my terms.”

“Hey, aren't we formally arranging at the Family Court?”

Angela rolls her eyes and looks at Gustavo impatiently. She knows that any judge will corroborate and collaborate with Josias's demands, so wh
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