Chapter 1620 Someone Has Returned

At Crystal Blue, Daryl was in his office listening to Kelvin's account of his mother.

Daryl narrow-eyed opines, “I thought our mom was already spending romantic nights with Uncle Francisco.”

Kelvin gets goosebumps in disgust, “Rodrigo and Veronica didn't say any of that. I passed by the coffee shop and found that Veronica reacted negatively, but Jack Motta calmed her down.”

Daryl raises an eyebrow, “Did the two of them see each other again?”

“Rodrigo said this time it’s for real,” Kelvin adds a smile.

Daryl stands up, “Anyway, we need to see our mother. Despite Maggie suggesting I move, what she did was pretty extreme.”

Diane enters the office just now, “Good morning, honey! Hello, Kelvin.”

“Good morning, Diane.” Kelvin greets her, “You seem to have come in a hurry.”

“I came by taxi.” Diane hugs her boyfriend, “Dear, it's confirmed: Roberto Reis will take over his father's building.”

“Good for him,” Daryl responds neutrally.

“And from what I've seen, he's going to have the help of his
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