Chapter 1621 Let's Talk with a Revolver

Days later, Josias is informed at the mansion that Moacyr and Cristina intend to move to Victoria. The Barbosa couple visited him.

“Guys...” Josias is surprised, “Why do you wanna go so far?”

“So far?” Moacyr chuckles, “The capital is not a three-hour drive.”

“Even so, I will miss you so much.” Josias hugs Moacyr, crouching down to him, “For what reason are you going?”

Katherine and J.J are with them in the foyer.

Cristina replies, “We want to be close to Pam to prevent her from returning here to annoy the Freire family. And we have found one medical clinic that can help Moacyr’s recovery.”

Josias stands up straight again, “Well, to me, the second reason is the most plausible. Pamela can pack her bags and escape at dawn without anyone seeing her.”

“It won't be that easy.” Cristina replies, “Raymond said she's living with him and Junior.”

“So her father must be instilling common sense in that hollow head,” Josias comments jokingly, making everyone laugh.

“Since I haven't met your daugh
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