Chapter 1619 Is Your Mother's Boyfriend Your Uncle?

Francisco and Shirley are now alone. Passing jailers found romantic the sight of Francisco holding his beloved's hands through the bars.

But Shirley didn't feel any romantic emotion, just hate and rancor, “I'm going to kill her, Frank. I swear to God that one day I’ll kill her!”

“How can you speak God in a promise of murder?” Francisco admonishes her, “Shirley, you need to calm down.”

“Calm me down?” Shirley laughs like a witch, “Okay, I'll calm down while I wait to be tried and sentenced to two years in jail!”

“You shouldn't have threatened to assault a cop.” Francisco reminds her of this.

“I was desperate! Frank, Mr. Bento told me to make it up to Maggie and she didn't even let me in, she told the building's concierge to call the police like I was an intruder! How do you want me to be calm?”

Francisco tries to be controlled and rational. He takes a deep breath, “Shirley, this all started when you told the truth. We had sworn we would never tell Bernardo. My brother passed away not k
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