Chapter 1623 Panic in the Freire Family

Bernardo returns to his office at Marçal Publishing. When he opens the door and enters, he got shocked.

Maggie is sitting in the presidential chair, smiling and serene.

“But what do you think you're doing here?” Bernardo thunders, “Do you want to die, or do you want a divorce?”

“Neither this nor that.” Maggie gets up.

“I'm going to ask the lady cleaner to disinfect this chair.” Bernardo scoffs at her, “I don't know how many bacteria you got on the upholstery.”

“Bernie, you know very well that in all these years of marriage I have never given you any illness.” Maggie starts to reason with her husband.

“That was because you were so careful and lucky,” Bernie replies bitterly, unwilling to open his mind.

Maggie doesn't take long to show what she came for, “OK, I have two things to tell you. First, I still want my job as editor-in-chief of the magazine. I can already see that it has not stopped being published.”

“I'm thinking about changing the name,” Bernardo responds menacingly.

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