I Activated The Three Master Systems

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I Activated The Three Master Systems

By: Mh_Ummi (Styles) Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Adams’ life took a dramatic turn for the worse when his fiancée, whom he had been engaged to for five years, cheated on him days before he could announce the surprise wedding that he had planned for her. If that was not bad enough, his ex-fiancee's current boyfriend is hell-bent on ruining his life and the career he has worked so hard to build but has yet to see progress in. Adams had no chance of fighting back because he was the sole heir to one of the country's richest billionaires. At that point, a system appeared, and his life changed drastically for the better. Not only did he become eye candy for mere mortals, but he also made history as the first person to unlock the three magical systems without causing any backlash. Join Adams on his crazy journey through the system. An urban system saga novel with supernatural elements. Cast your vote for your favorite character. (Warning: This is a slow-burn urban level-up novel.)

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  • Mh_Ummi (Styles)


    Hello, beloved readers! Please keep in mind that, while this novel may appear to be a slow burn (to me), it is written at a slightly faster pace. Also, It is my first MC novel, so there will undoubtedly be errors.

    2024-06-14 00:53:40
  • Mac Nicholas 🖊️


    A book I would definitely recommend for lovers of system. I love the character progression. Kudos!

    2024-06-11 14:46:13
  • Toba Daniel


    Hello my name is Daniel and I'm working on my new Novel GENESTIS and I'll like you guys to check it out .........

    2024-06-08 16:47:27
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71 chapters
001 - No Place For Losers
It was another hectic day for Adams Smith, also known as Crazy Psycho, as he exited the cab that had brought him home from work. He took out his wallet to pay the cab driver and discovered that there were only ten dollars left in it.He recalls the cab driver saying earlier that his fee was eight dollars. Adams sighed. He reluctantly took out the money and handed it to the taxi driver. The minutes he spent waiting for the cab driver to give him his change felt like hours to him.Adams was impatient because he had only two dollars left. It could not even afford him Western bread and soy milk for breakfast, but he insisted on keeping it.Adams walks down the street, tired from receiving the remaining fee of two dollars. The complex where he lives is the 45-story skyscraper in front of him.Adams entered the elevator and pressed the thirtieth floor. He could feel the mocking stare from behind him. Their gaze seemed to penetrate his sandy rigid skin. Everyone knew him to be a loser and a
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002 - Losers Can't Buy Drinks
He shivered in the icy wind as he strolled down the alley, dressed in old, faded jeans and a white T-shirt that had small holes in it. In addition, he wore a blue beanie and an old boot that was now covered in dirt and dust.Samantha's words kept echoing in his head as he placed his hands in his jeans pocket. He couldn't bear to see his ex-fiancee making out with his boss in his house and on his bed; thus, he left the apartment for them and decided to take a walk around the street and wallow in shame, anger, disappointment, betrayal, and frustration.'Indeed, you are a loser, Adams. Keeping a woman seems to be a challenge for you. You didn't even realize she was cheating on you and kept giving your hard-earned money to her to get fancy things while you dressed in old clothes and boots. You foolishly believed in perfect love', Adams thought.Crazy, self-deprecating laughter erupted from him. He leaned against the pole that was just next to him, slid down, and broke down in tears. How p
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003 - System Activated
Adams woke up to the sound of beeping from the machine. He looked around the room. The white walls and the smell of disinfectant reminded him of the hospital. Adams tried to get up but noticed an IV drip attached to his hand and that his clothes were gone. He is now dressed in an oversized hospital gown.Adams frowned as he relaxed his back against the pillow. Just then, a junior nurse strode in. She gasped, seeing him already awake, and sauntered to his bed, then rang the small bell by his side. Soon after, a doctor in a white coat appeared at the door.They performed some examinations on him and asked different questions, which Adams gladly responded to. He tried to remember how he had ended up in the hospital, but couldn't recall anything. All he could recollect was Samantha's sweet betrayal."How did I get here, doc?" Adams asks. "A lady had brought you here, young man. She claims to have found you by the roadside," the doctor replied.It immediately dawned on Adams as memories
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004 - Overwhelming Adams
How did twenty million dollars manage to find their way to his statement? Astonished, Adams didn't bother to think too much about it as he quickly rushed into his meals.Within three minutes, he emptied the plates, and a minute later, he dressed up in his clothes, ready to experiment with the authenticity of the money.He hopped through different wards until he got to the chief doctor's office; the doctor then directed him to the hospital's financial department, where he'd make the payment.Each passing patient couldn't help but turn around and look twice at the grown man with smooth, silk-like, shining black hair. Tall with broad shoulders and straight legs. Perfect, handsome, chiseled face with a straight nose, an average-sized mouth, and a pearl-shaped eye. His sandy-colored skin tone matches his cool temperament, but his faded clothes and torn boots almost kill the vibes of the guy in every lady's dreams emanating from him.Adams got to the financial department, where he was to
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005 - Auction Banquet
Evans and Samantha gazed at each other in surprise, not believing their ears. Did a loser like Adams challenge them? How dare he? Evans felt furious. Evans couldn’t accept it positively when someone trampled on his pride."I so much hate Adams Smith. What audacity he has to compare himself with me and even threaten me! I'll see that he never gets a job in this city," he mumbled, fuming with rage as he picked up his phone.Meanwhile, Adams boarded a cab straight to the city's main mall. He took the time to shop for exquisite clothing.Unsurprisingly, most of the items he picked were quality material suits, the newest edition brogues, and cufflinks.There were also hair and skin treatments and shampoo. He didn't shop for many items.At six in the evening. Adams was all set; he had gotten himself a single condominium of three rooms, one of which he plans to convert into his study room.A kitchen, two bathrooms, and a living room. Also, a brand new middle-class black Bentley. He still had
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006 - Acquiring Sky Enterprise Ownership
One month ago, the city declared bankruptcy for Sky Enterprise, one of the enormous business corporations in the city. Adams knew the owner of the company. Lucas Walter is his mother's best friend and closest business associate.Probably the only man who had never seen him as a loser. But Adams, being a man of absolute confidence and belief, Adams never once appreciated the old man's concern for him.He will always tell him he doesn't want his pity and that he could live independently, even without his mother, and Lucas has never argued.After realizing the futile attempts of both offers to help Adams financially, he stopped contacting him and let him be.Adams didn't care too much about the old man until he read in the news how Lucas Walter had unexpectedly had a stroke and paralysis and his young mistress was squandering his money on beauty products and luxurious trips instead of paying for her husband's treatment and managing his company.Without liquidity and an absolute leader w
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007 - It's You, Aleric
Arriving at his new condominium, Adams went straight to the bathroom.He took off his clothes and turned on the shower. As the water drizzled down on him, his mind went into a haze, recounting all that had happened the entire day.Just a few hours ago, his fiancee had betrayed him, leaving him as a hopeless man. A penniless man who couldn't pay for his drinks.However, now he is a millionaire, a company owner who has his own house, car, closet filled with expensive clothes, and an urbane kitchen filled with all kinds of food ingredients. He never dreamed of having such luxury after his mother's mysterious demise. But then, the thought of his newly gained system brought a smile to his face. Indeed, he wasn't wrong to believe in systemic miracles.He took out the shampoo and poured a large quantity on his silky hair. He ran his fingers through it, combing it as he washed away the gel he had earlier added.Putting back the shampoo, Adams turns off the shower and then picks up the showe
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008 - Engagement Party
Adams, now dressed in gray suit pants and jacket, a black undershirt, and black matching penny loafers, picks up the invitation card and a gift box that he had prepared beforehand. The event was scheduled to begin at four o'clock, but it had already begun a few minutes earlier.He gripped it tightly, nearly crushing it. He may have acted nonchalantly, as if he was unaffected. But deep down, a huge hole had been created in his heart. He feels pangs of pain each time he thinks about her berating words. He had loved her for not one, two, or three, but for five years. He treated her better than he had ever treated a woman in his life, but in return, he received a brutal betrayal.It turns out that while he was working hard to make things right in their lives; she was having an affair with another man. Adams chuckles, recalling how he had made himself a saint. He never looked at other women, nor did he press Sam to satisfy his carnal desires as much as he wanted to.He respected her 'no s
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009 - Kick Your Butt
"Oh yeah, oh yeah, I've gotta go back. I've got to go back. I've got to go. I've gotta go go go ho... me!"He sang, his voice cheesy and springy. The seamless, thrilling melody drew people's attention.But looking back at him should be considered a big mistake for any lady who wants to catch a flight quickly because, like his beautiful voice, the gold-haired brownie holding a backpack while swaying his body as he strolled into the airport is a hot, sexy, mouth-watering Greek god.If Adams is charming, refined, and elegant, then the man approaching the front desk is an alluring rogue heartthrob with sinful charisma and a look that says 'I am a casanova'. He approached the front desk, prepared his ticket and passport for his flight, and then sat on the waiting bench.With his backpack on his lap, he took out his phone and began browsing through it when he felt a tap on his shoulder.He looks to see a drop-dead gorgeous beauty. She smiled playfully and blinked at him. A dirty, teasing s
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010 - Gave Her Chills
...at Hotel Emerald Deluxe, a prominent hotel in 'A' city. It was already 6 p.m., and the atmosphere in Hall 1880 was lively and buzzing with chatter and compliments from event attendees. This was the room where Samantha and Evans' engagement was held. The spacious hall had been transformed into a magical ballroom just for this day. As soon as guests entered the hall, they were captivated by the space's sheer grandeur. The high ceilings soared above, with chandeliers casting a warm and inviting glow. The hall was bathed in soft, golden light, creating a magical ambiance throughout. The walls were adorned with floor-to-ceiling mirrors that reflected the room's splendor from all angles. Delicate linen draped in rich, regal colors cascaded down the walls, lending an air of elegance. The hall's focal point was a magnificent, custom-made crystal chandelier suspended from the center of the ceiling. It sparkled and shimmered, creating a stunning display of light and shadow on the glea
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