Chapter 1627 My Life is at an End

After learning that Francisco also confirms Maggie's prostitution, Bernardo despairs and decides to go to Crystal Blue for help.

Upon being greeted by Frederick, he asks eagerly, “Fred, are your bosses in?”

“Kelvin is over at the bar checking drinks and Daryl is summing up his noon service receipts with the help of his girlfriend.”

“Thank you very much.” Bernardo pats the waiter on his shoulder and goes to the bar.

Kelvin notices his brother-in-law's presence, “Bernie! Did you come to tell us that you forgave Maggie?”

“How is it possible, when it seems I'm the only man in the world who doesn't know she was a harlot?” Bernardo asks in a shaky voice.

Kelvin closes the liquor cabinet with a wrinkled nose and turns to Bernardo, “Don't fall for these slanders. Daryl and I are her older brothers and we can confirm that this never happened.”

“Then why did your uncle just confirm?” Bernardo asks with anguish.

Kelvin is equally shocked, “Uncle Francisco? Well, he did it just to please my mothe
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