Chapter 1634 From Enemies to Friends

Beto decides to take Wallace to the restrooms for a private conversation. The office door was closed, indicating that Josias and Tiago were still inside.

As he walked down the hall, Wallace saw the door to the old apartment where he and Pamela lived. Chills ran through his body.

“How different the building is.” Wallace tries to calm down, “I remember there was a huge crack here.”

Beto smiles, “Josias bought the building, tore it down completely, and had another built from scratch. Even though we have the bathroom here, now every apartment and kitchenette has yours.”

“Look, so if I ever want to come here, I won't be afraid of any girl going into the wrong bathroom.”

Beto breaks his smile, “Wallace, don't move here. I called you to let you know that my damn sister knows you got out of jail and back to town.”

Wallace turns pale and feels his heart beat faster.

“I know, I was really upset too.” Beto continues, “She showed up here looking like a nun, disguised so she wouldn't be recognized
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