Chapter 1633 Hey, Macarena!

Beto and Teresa talk in Teodoro's office. The heir looks around the white enclosure and smiles. On top of the closet, the small portable TV that Teodoro used in the 80s was there, stored.

Then he turns to Teresa, “OK, Tess. Tell me what is bothering you.”

Teresa takes a deep breath, “Mr. Reis, you better fire me at once.”

“I will decide if this is necessary,” Beto responds seriously.

“This morning the postman showed up. I was busy with Pedro and asked Rosemary to see him. She took the letters and proceeded to check them. Then...”

Teresa takes Pamela's letter from her jeans pocket and hands it to Beto, “Rosemary saw the letter and put it in her lunch box. I didn't discover it until lunchtime.”

Beto picks up the letter as if it were a used piece of toilet paper, “And my daughter certainly read it hidden at school.”

“I don't know why she did it!” Teresa frets, “Does she know that Pamela is forbidden to keep in touch, but the longing spoke louder?”

“Only if she overheard one of our conver
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