Chapter 1635 Farewell, Moacyr and Cristina

Josias is quite concerned about Pamela's attempt to win Rosemary's heart just to get revenge on Beto. He meditates on this as he eats his slice of cake. The radio is now playing “Fast Love” by George Michael.

Melissa approaches him, “Josias, why aren't you having fun?”

Josias wakes up from his reverie, “Melissa, you better join your family. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude.”

Melissa doesn't take offense, “You're not rude, Josias. I just want to help you as a friend.”

But Daryl comes out of nowhere and grabs Melissa's shoulders, “Sister-in-law, Kelvin is looking for you. Your mother wants to take a picture with the Barbosa couple.”

Melissa is slightly embarrassed, “OK, let's go.”

Josias has a slight suspicion that Daryl snatched Melissa on purpose. What is he afraid of?

He observes Cristina and Moacyr taking pictures to remember their friends. Melissa, Kelvin, Alan, Caroline, Simeon, and Dora smile, and Daryl snaps the picture.

Katherine approaches her boyfriend, “What's up, honey? Are y
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