Chapter 1636 Couldn't Take the Truth

Bernardo appears running at the police station, parking in a forbidden place, and running like a madman to Amoreira's office. Cops try to stop him.

“Hey sir, can we help you with something?”

“Get outta my way, it's an emergency!” Bernardo exclaims wildly.

Upon arriving at the office, panting and sweating...

...Amoreira is calmly reading Maggiezine!

Bernardo snatches the detective's magazine and throws it away, “Detective! What stupidity is that? Did you pull me out of my leisure to find you all slack and good-natured?”

Amoreira is not shaken by the businessman's outburst and gets up, “Take it easy, Mr. Marçal. You must be alive and in good health to bear what I say.”

Bernardo's body reacts in reverse: tachycardia and cold sweat are part of him, “Say it soon! In other words, you don't even have to tell me. You found out that Shirley spoke the truth.”

Amoreira raises his eyebrows as if in front of a fool, “What did you say? No, sir, it’s the other way around!”

Bernardo gapes, “Can you r
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