Double Agent: Stuck Between the Villain and Protagonist Camp

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Double Agent: Stuck Between the Villain and Protagonist Camp

By: Antonigiggs OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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I'm thankful that you freed me from that f**kin' mountain, but..." Axl finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly conflict between the protagonist and the villain. Due to his past, Axl finds himself entrenched in the villain's camp where he is assigned as a double agent to spy on the protagonist. The problem is that the protagonist is his older brother who had lived with him in the mountains for seven years! "What a wretched plot," Axl sighed as the realization of the dangerous game he had been pulled into. According to the plot in his memory, he only has a few chapters left as his identity will be revealed because of a certain moron, which will invite the wrath of the protagonist. Thinking of this, Axl couldn't help but feel a heart attack. There is no way to escape; he is trapped here. The villain camp background is simply too much for him to handle, and as for joining the protagonist camp, looking at how his master and senior brother treat him like a servant, he would rather die again rather than become someone's servant. "Never mind," he tells himself. let's take this one step at a time. I know the plot already, so I should be able to make it through. He resolves focus on surviving the conflict between the two opposing factions. Despite the odds, Axl believes in his abilities and feels confident that he can navigate the dangerous landscape.

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Trapped in the wretched plot
As the car passed by, the sound of its roaring engine filled the air, causing the windows to rattle and the ground to vibrate.Axl woke up in a daze, feeling disoriented and unsure of where he was. His eyes caught a glimpse of a soft light that was not very dazzling, and he realized that he was inside a moving car. Axl propped himself up and sat up, taking a few seconds to orient himself. As his pupils slowly focused, he took in his surroundings and realized that he was in a car traveling through the city. The lights of the towering buildings passed by outside, creating a mesmerizing spectacle."Have you woken up?" The sound of someone speaking brought Axl back to his senses. He turned his head to look at the man beside him and was stunned.The man beside him was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and black glasses, giving him a clown-like appearance. Despite the glasses, Axl could still tell that he was a handsome man, perhaps even rivaling his own good looks. What astonished him even more
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The first plot
Due to the conflict between the protagonist and a certain villainous Triad heir, Axl had been assigned to become a double agent to spy on the protagonist once he returned from the mountain. Now he is clearly on the villain camp, and according to the plot in his memory, he only has a few chapters left. His identity will be revealed because of a certain moron, which will invite the wrath of the protagonist. Thinking of this, Axl couldn't help but feel a heart attackThere is no way to escape; he is trapped here. The villain camp background is simply too much for him to handle, and as for joining the protagonist camp, looking at how his master and senior brother treat him like a servant on the mountain, he would rather die again than become someone's servant.Axl rubs his temples and shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts.'Never mind,' he tells himselfLet's take this one step at a time. I know the plot already, so I should be able to make it through. He resolves to stick to the
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Meet the protagonist's mother
After entering the company, Axl looked around his surroundings. "Yeline Care" was the name of the company where Ye Feng's mother worked. It was a personal care company that was involved in the development and production of various products related to personal skincare, beauty, and cosmetics.Axl went straight to the receptionist and said, "Hello, I have an appointment with your CEO.""Do you already have an appointment?" The receptionist frowned. How bold of this young man to claim he has an appointment with our CEO so blatantly."Yes, I was actually arranged to meet with your CEO by my senior brother, Ye Feng. My name is Axl," replied Axl, remembering that it would not be appropriate to claim that he had an appointment directly with the CEO."Ah, so it was you. Wait for a moment," the receptionist saidFortunately, Ye Feng had warned the receptionist about Axl's arrival beforehand, saving him from potential embarrassment. Soon, the receptionist girl at the front desk politely took hi
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The Emergency Task
"You'll see a big gate on your left. It's the entrance to the community, and the security team should already have your car on their list," Lin Xilan instructed Axl, as they approached her villa. As they reached the gate, Axl slowed down and drove in without any problems.As they arrived at Lin Xilan's house, Axl parked the car, and Lin Xilan stepped out, stretching her toned body. Axl couldn't help but stare at her in awe at her proud figures.Lin Xilan quickly noticed his reaction and put down her arms, turning cold again. "If you're going to protect me, you'll have to live here from now on. Is that clear?" she asked him."Yes, boss," Axl nodded."Woof-woof!" Not long after, the sound of a dog barking was heard, and Axl turned around. "Oh, there are dogs here," he said, seeing a Siberian husky and a golden retriever. Axl crouched down and petted them both, making them wag their tails in delight.Lin Xilan looked at this and nodded in satisfaction. Looking at Axl and her husky, their
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I refused to become a scapegoat
Axl knows that his first task is crucial in making a good impression on Long Sha. Long Sha has only one son, whom he loves deeply. Due to his affection for his son, Long Sha's career has been hindered several times because of his son's misdeeds. However, instead of just reprimanding and becoming angry with him, he always finds a way to protect and cover up for his son.For example, at this moment, there is a kidnapping incident happening in the hotel in front of him. And the culprit was exactly his own son, Long Tao. Long Tao, who cannot handle rejection, decided to kidnap the woman who always rejected him and bring her to this hotel.If the woman in question was a regular person, Long Sha could have covered up any problems. However, this woman is the same person over whom the protagonist Ye Feng and the villain Long Tao are fighting over. Furthermore, she happens to be Ye Feng's childhood friend and also holds the position of managing director at Biotech Corp., one of the biggest Sta
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Borrow the prestige of Tyrant
*Slash*There was the sound of something being cut. Wen Yuci, on the bed, stopped struggling immediately. Axl then pulled out the tape from her mouth and said to her, seriously..."You listen to me."---"Boss! Wen Yuci has been captured, and she's in the room now," Mobs A said.There was a rush of footsteps outside the door, and a gloomy voice sounded with a hint of anticipation."Are you doing things cleanly? No one knows, right?" Long Tao inquired."Clean! Of course, clean, boss. Rest assured, I've already arranged everything. Boss can only enjoy the nights, hahaha," the mob said lewdly."Good, good! Hahahaha, I will tell Father to promote you later," a gloomy and insolent laugh came from Long Tao mouth."God! Boss, I helped in this operation too!" Mob B chimed."Of course, everyone here will be promoted. You can rest assured, hahaha," Long Tao laughed.Then he continued with a gloomy sound mixed with a touch of cruelty, "Today, I will make this woman who never looked at me moan un
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Wen Yuci
After a moment of silence, Axl picked up the wine glass from the table and drained it."Damn it," he muttered under his breath.He walked over to the large bed in the room and lifted the bedsheet to reveal Wen Yuci, tied up and lying face down in the middle of the bed. Axl had placed her there, since hotel beds usually do not have anything underneath the mattress."Okay, it's safe now. You can come out," Axl said to Wen Yuci.She slowly emerged from the bed, using her smooth white arms to struggle and grab the cornet of the bed and pulled her body to get out from there. Axl had previously used his dagger to cut the ropes that had bound her arms and legs, freeing her from captivity. However, before he could give her further instructions, Long Tao and his gang arrived, and Axl quickly shoved Wen Yuci into the bed to hide her.Wen Yuci crawled out of bed, smoothing out her clothes and skirt, but her eyes never left Axl. However, Axl's attention was not on her, as he was still thinking ab
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Miss, you could have killed me just now
When the police officer took out the handcuffs and wanted to lock Axl's hands, Wen Yuci, who saw this, hesitated for a moment before speaking up. "No, he is not the kidnapper, he is the one who saved me."The police officer looked surprised. "What? Miss, are you sure?"Roman, her butler also chimed in, "Yuci, just tell the truth, if he threatens you, I will blast his head directly," Roman said while glaring at Axl.Wen Yuci waved her hand to Roman to calm him down and nodded firmly, "I'm sure! He's innocent and my savior"The policemen looked at each other in confusion. One of them said, "But we received a report that a man kidnapped Miss Wen and brought her here, and now it's only you and him in this room. Are you sure he's not involved?"Wen Yuci nodded again in confirmation, and Axl, who had been standing quietly, couldn't help but sigh in relief. He had been through enough trouble today, and the last thing he wanted was to be arrested by the police.The police hesitated for a mome
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Meeting the big boss
Axl took a taxi to the casino and paid the fare before stepping out of the car. He looked at the dazzling decorations at the entrance and couldn't help but sigh. 'I was sent to the mountains to study martial arts and lead a rough and boring life, while these villains enjoy themselves,' he thought to himself but quickly composed himself and walked in. Axl finally arrived at the bar, following the instructions he had received. His eyes swept across the bar, taking note of the various customers and their positions. He walked towards the counter, keeping his eyes open for any signs of danger. Loud music filled the air and people waved their arms around as if they were barely wearing clothes. Axl was a little restless in his heart. But he still remembers business, suppresses the restlessness around him, scans his surroundings, finds his goal. However, he soon realized that his appearance didn't quite match the crowd. Within moments, several men wearing black T-shirts and sporting tattoo
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The dagger
When Long Sha said this, his tone was very flat, and the movement of wiping the dagger in his hand had not stopped. If it were a normal person, maybe this sentence would have a threatening meaning. They will be completely freaked out and beg for mercy instantly. But who is he? The mad dog! If he dared to kill him here, he must make sure he brings him down too. But now let's do the acting!"I only know that if I take the money from the boss, I will help the boss solve the trouble." Axl said it with a poker face.Long Sha paused in the middle of wiping his dagger and lifted his head to meet Axl's gaze. He looked at him intently, his eyes scanning him from head to toe, as if trying to gauge him. At this moment, Axl felt like he was being targeted by something evil. His hand clenched, ready to pounce if he detected any suspicious movement.There was a crisp sound.The dagger in Long Sha's hand was firmly planted on the table in front of Axl, but his face didn't even budge, and the room f
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