Chapter 1637 Rosemary has grown up

On Thursday, Josias is in front of Angela and the lawyer Lourenço Ribeiro. Lourenço is representing Josias to confirm and legalize the joint custody of David between him and his biological mother.

“Angela, didn’t you bring your lawyer?” Josias asks worriedly.

Angela just smiles, “No, I didn't. I trust that you will make the best proposals for the benefit of our son.”

Lourenço shrugs, “Well, if you both agree... we can start whenever you want, Mr. Rocha."

Josias leans back in his chair and responds in a sovereign tone, “I am willing to continue to recognize David Sousa Rocha as my legitimate son and to pay child support until he reaches the age of majority. I allow my son David to live with his mother. If my ex-fiancée gets involved with another man, I must be notified. If there is any friction between my son and another man, David will return to me and live with me. I don't want this ‘stepfather mistreating stepson’ thing to happen to my son.”

Angela smiles lightly, “I assure you, Jos
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